Antalya Top 10

There is no list that is not a top 10 list. We prepared on this essay Antaya’s top for you. Antalya is known for all inclusive and luxury hotels, beaches, ruins, and restaurants. If you don’t want to get lost you will need this list. We tried the objective of this list but everyone's top 10 can be different from our list. So, don’t blame us. This list is just a list. Just enjoy it. Our first top 10 list is about food and beverages. Why the first list about food? Because we wanted it that way. Let’s start it.

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Antalya Top 10 Food

Antalya includes Turkiye local flavours and its own flavours on structure.

1- Antalya Piyazı (Tahini Piyaz Salad): Antalya Piyaz is a dish made of small white beans with plenty of tarator sauce poured on top.

2- Şiş Köte (Meatball Skewers): Small meatballs are placed on skewers, alternating with onions and peppers, and then grilled over barbecue charcoal.

3- Kabak Tatlısı (Tahini Pumpkin Dessert): Slices of pumpkin are cooked in sugar water and then doused with sesame sauce tahini and finely chopped walnuts.

4- Antalya Reçeli (Bergamot Marmalade): Bergamot is a citrus fruit that probably originated from a cross between sweet lime and bitter orange.

5- Termiye (Lupin Bean): Tırmış, also called the "wet snack", are yellow lupin beans seeds.

6- Yanıksı Dondurma (Burnt Ice Cream): made from very fatty goat milk from goats that are fed wild thyme.

7- Biber Dolması (Phrygian Stuffed Pepper)

8- Cretan Kebab with Artichoke

9- Stuffed Rack of Lamb

10- Lentil Ice Cream: Even though it is called lentil ice cream, it is not a dessert at all, but an appetizer prepared with lentils, rice, onions, peppers, and garlic and served cold.

Antalya Top 10 Beach

Antalya has a lot of beaches. Because Antalya falls into a large coast on the Mediterranean Sea. Almost all roads lead to the sea in Antalya.

1- Konyaaltı Beach: Konyaaltı in the city center and it is at a very reachable location. Because it is one of the city's principal beaches it may get fairly crowded during peak season, plan your trip appropriately.

2- Moonlight Beach: Moonlight Beach is a friendly beach that is part of wider Moonlight Park region which features beautiful natural areas and gentle beaches in a unique setting.

3- Mermerli Beach: Mermerli Beach (Mermerli Plaj) in Old City is a modest beach with appealing waves and a beach area crowded with umbrellas and loungers.

4- Sarısu Kadınlar Plajı: The beach is a women-only beach with beautiful beaches, calm waves, and handy facilities to make your stay easy and enjoyable.

5- Evrenseki: Evrenseki is a lovely and alluring beach that relaxing and popular though certain parts of it are restricted to hotel guests.

6- Cirali Beach: Cirali Beach (Çıralı Plaji) is a remote ancient natural beach that is ideal for those seeking to escape the noise and bustle of more populous places.

7- Phaselis: Phaselis is a lovely beach that is both restful and adjacent to some amazing old remains from long ago.

8- Lara Beach (Lara Plajı): Lara Beach (Lara Plaj) is a popular site in town for a conventional beach experience, complete with smooth beaches and enticing seas.

9- İnciraltı Plajı Falezler: İnciraltı Plaj Falezler is a one-of-a-kind beach with no sandy coastlines, consisting of wooden platforms between cliffs that go directly to the ocean.

10- Zuğa Beach: Zuğa Beach is well renowned for its beach clubs, thus it's simple to feel pampered and relaxed when visiting the beach here.

Antalya Top 10 Place

1- Antalya Museum: The museum contains 13 display halls with exhibits from the Paleolithic Age to Ottoman times.

2- Hadrian's Gate: This is a must-see historical place. You'll see the majestic three double arches of the gates, which were built in 130 to commemorate Emperor Hadrian's visit.

3- Kaleiçi (Oldtown): Antalya's coastal historic core, which dates back to Roman times, has several of the city's must-see attractions. Also, this place includes a lot of bars and coffees.

4- Old City Marina: Descend the very steep stone steps from Kaleici to the Antalya Marina.

5- Termessos: Termessos and the picturesque Güllük Dagi National Park are located around 34 kilometres northwest of Antalya.

6- Lower Duden Waterfalls: The Lower Duden Waterfalls are a stunning cascade formed when the Duden River rushes from the cliffs of Antalya City into the sea.

7- Kursunlu Waterfalls:

8- Sapadere Kanyonu

9- Sunken City Kekova: Travel back in time on a magnificent full-day excursion from Antalya to Kekova, Demre, and Myra, which includes lunch.

10- Perge Aspendos Aqueduct Side: This full-day excursion delves into the history of ancient civilizations in the Antalya region. You'll see three important old historical sites.

What to Do in Antalya

Choose which Antalya town is right for you.

It has various holiday towns, each with its own particular personality and catering to different types of tourists:

- Geyikbayiri is a world-renowned rock-climbing destination that attracts nature lovers

- Kas is famous among the bohemian population

- Olympos is popular among backpackers

- Belek is popular among the elite

- Alanya is popular among low-budget visitors

- Cirali (ral) for a tranquil beach vacation, etc...

So, in this post, we'll discuss everything each town has to offer to help you decide which town is right for you. From mid-April until late October, Antalya is a popular destination. And in this Antalya travel guide, we will provide our recommendations to individuals who are visiting Antalya during this time period.

1- Go to Kaleici and get drunk

2- Go to beach and swim

3- Go to city center and eat local food

4- Go to Olympos and explore history

5- Go to Side and live ancient Graeco-roman inheritance

6- Come to Port Nature and experiments all of them

When is the Best Season for Antalya

Antalya is known for its turquoise waters, rich history and panoramic views. This seaside city of Turkey has been attracting visitors for centuries. From being a flourishing Roman City in the ancient world to now being a modern-day sea-resort, it has still preserved a glimpse of its past through the museums, archaeological sites and beautiful Ottoman architecture.

1- Summer (June - September): The garishest season in the city.

2- Spring (March to April)

3- Autumn (October to November)

4- Winter (December to February)

This city’s weather always is the best because Antalya for everyone and you have to try.

People's Favourite Things in Antalya

Antalya is a renowned tourist destination on Turkey's southern coast, recognized for its gorgeous scenery, ancient landmarks, and vibrant culture. People who visit Antalya frequently have a variety of favorite things about the location. Here are some features that many visitors enjoy:

1- Antalya's Old Town (Kaleiçi) is a picturesque region with small alleyways, Ottoman-era buildings, and historic attractions.

2- Hadrian's Gate is a well preserved Roman triumphal arch from the second century.

3- Aspendos: The old Roman theater at Aspendos is beautifully maintained and offers cultural events and plays.,

4- Turkish Cuisine: Antalya provides a wide range of delectable Turkish meals such as kebabs, mezes, and fresh fish.

5- Exploring local markets such as Kaleiçi Marina and the Old Bazaar allows tourists to sample and buy fresh vegetables, spices, and traditional delicacies.

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